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  • Jim Blanchard, ScD

Camp Snyder Exploring LASR@ Program for Scouts in 2018

Composite Aerial Model of the Fort @ Camp Snyder Using LASR-Air Technology. Creating the Model is Part of a Merit Badge Program Designed by UASA.

Camp Snyder has been exploring how to increase the participation of National Capital Area Chapter scouts in programs at Camp Snyder that would expand the NCAC's STEM-related and scout achievement awards.

The UAS Academy (HQ: Warrenton, VA) has offered to provide scout leaders (both adult and scout-led troops) with the training and program support needed to operate Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) at Camp Snyder in 2018. The objectives are to establish a schedule of training and program events that fit within the existing programming, and to help scouts expand the Camp Snyder programming into merit badge and Eagle projects. Cubs scouts would benefit from the programming through the UASA Peer Mentorship program.

The programming provided by UASA is validated for FAA Pilot Certification (required of the Pilot In Charge) for scouts that are 16 years of age or older.

UASA will provide qualified instructors to help troop leaders get certified, and provide post-certifcation programs oriented towards scouts of all ages. UASA's award-winning Peer Mentorship Program will be a natural fit for the mission on Camp Snyder.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates as the program rolls out.

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